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Start: 28 October 2020
7:00 am
End: 28 October 2020
7:00 pm

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King Charles II, acting on advice from his commanders, decided to commission a regiment
of sharp shooters to be deployed aboard Royal Navy vessels, to pick off enemy sailors
manning heavy guns in a battle, thus disabling the enemy attacking capability, and allowing
the Royal Navy to have an advantage. His Majesty the King, made a proclamation in
Whitehall, to raise the Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot. Below is the
exact wording of the Convening Order, which was made on 28th October 1664, which we
now recognise and celebrate as the Birth of the Corps. The regiment was raised mainly
from the Trained Bands of the City of London.

The Convening Order

At The Court of Whitehall the 28th October 1664


The Kings Most Excellent Majesty’s

  • His Royal Highness ye Duke of York
  • Earle of Middleton
  • Lord Chancellor Lord
  • Bishop of London
  • Lord Treasurer
  • Lord Ashley
  • Duke of Albemarle
  • Mr Vice Chamberlain
  • Duke of Ormond
  • Mr Secretary Morice
  • Earle of Anglesey
  • Mr Chancellor of ye Duchy
  • Earle of Lauderdaill
  • Sir Edward Nicholas

“Upon a Report from the Lords the Committee for the Affairs of His Majesty’s Navy Royal
and Admiralty of this Kingdome this read at the Board, His Majesty was pleased to Order
and direct that twelve hundred Land Soldiers be forthwith raised in readiness to be
distributed to his Majesty’s Fleets prepared for Sea Service, which said twelve hundred
men are to be put under One Colonel, One Lieutenant Colonel and One Sergeant Major
and to be divided into Six Companies. Each Company to consist of two hundred Soldiers;
and to have one Captain, One Lieutenant, One Ensign, One Drummer, Four Sergeants and
Four Corporals, and all the Soldiers aforesaid to be armed with good Firelocks. All which
Arms, Drums and Colours are forthwith to be prepared and furnished out of His Majesty’s
stores. The care of all which is recommended to the Duke of Albermarle his Grace Lord of
His Majesty’s Forces.

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