Royal Marines Commando Signet Ring



Bootnecks in Business is facilitating the secure order and charging of credit cards for this ring.  In no way are we responsible for anything else.  We will process the money and pass on to the US manufacturer as a favour to help out other Bootnecks.  Other than this we are in no way recommending this particular ring or manufacturer.  We are not “a go between” to sort out issues of delivery or similar and have been given the details below!  The price, which includes P&P) is what we have been given and includes an allowance to cover card processing fees, as well as currency and international payment costs.  If there is a difference on completion it will be donated to the RMA The Royal Marines Charity. If we are short, then you may be asked for a top up!

OK – the tooling is ordered, but the delivery costs were up and the exchange rate meant we were fractionally short of the required amount.  We have covered this, but to ensure this doesnlt happen again, we have had to increase future prices to £110.  Apologies – nothing we can do to cover our costs – we are not making any money on this!  SO far we have lost money, in addition to facilitating the purchase!!!.

The details I have about the ring:

  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Gold plating on Steel (warranted)
  • All the Golds – Yellow, White and Platinum
  • Any surplus after card transaction and currency cost donated to the RM Charity.
  • Purchaser responsible for any import duties, if applied, on delivery.
  • Any Questions, ask Graham T or the manufacturer Xavier Aguilar [email protected]
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Ring Size US | UK

Large Ring – 79mm internal circ, Large Ring – 89mm internal circ, US-4 | UK-H, US-4.5 | UK-I, US-5 | UK-J 1/2, US-5 1/2 | UK-K 1/2, US-6 | UK-L 1/2, US-6 1/2 | UK-M 1/2, US-7 | UK-N 1/2, US 7 1/4 | UK O, US-7 1/2 | UK-O 1/2, US 7 3/4 | UK P, US-8 | UK-P 1/2, US 8 1/4 | UK Q, US-8 1/2 | UK-Q 1/2, US 8 3/4 | UK R, US-9 | UK-R 1/2, US 9 1/4 | UK S, US-9 1/2 | UK-S 1/2, US 9 3/4 | UK T, US-10 | UK-T 1/2, US 10 1/4 | UK U, US-10 1/2 | UK-U 1/2, US 10 3/4 | UK V, US-11 | UK-V 1/2, US 11 1/4 | UK W, US-11 1/2 | UK-W 1/2, US 11 3/4 | UK X, US-12 | UK-X 1/2, US 12 1/4 | UK Y, US 12 1/2 | UK Z, US 12 3/4 | UK Z 1/2, US 13 | UK Z 3/4


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